211 is the national, toll-free, three-digit phone number to call for information about all kinds of local health and social services. Calls are answered 24 hours per day, 365 days per year by trained information and referral specialists at the Contra Costa Crisis Center. If calling outside of Contra Costa County use 800-830-5380. Mobile Carrier Privacy and Terms & Conditions Policies.

211 Database

A comprehensive, up-to-date database of local health and social services is the backbone of 211. Call specialists use the database to refer callers to resources. Individuals can access the database, too, free of charge. Just click the button labeled "Click Here to search the 211 database" on the right. The criteria by which services are included or excluded are described in our Inclusion/Exclusion Policy.

Resource Guides

Special guides for targeted populations are updated regularly and can be downloaded in English and Spanish.

Resource Guides - English Updated   Guías de Recursos - Español
Help in Hard Times March 2019   Ayuda en Tiempos Dificiles

Marzo 2019

Low-Cost Medical March 2019   Recursos Medicos de Bajo Costo Marzo 2019
Parenting Guide March 2019   Guía Para Padres Marzo 2019
Disaster Guide March 2019   Preparación de Desastres Marzo 2019
Central County Resource Guide March 2019   Guía de Recursos para el Centro del Condado Marzo 2019
East County Resource Guide March 2019   Guía de Recursos para el Este del Condado Marzo 2019
West County Resource Guide March 2019   Guía de Recursos para el Oeste del Condado Marzo 2019
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